60 Seconds Trading Binary Options

The 60 second trading option gives the investors with lot of opportunities to earn fast however, when we are expecting for huge profits, there also comes chances for losses as well. Therefore, the 60 second trading option brings profits and loss at the same time. The investors going to avail this opportunity must be quick and analytical in reading marketing trends. So that they would be able to use this option wisely and profitably. There are several types of 60 second trading charts. Each chart has its own advantages and disadvantages depending your needs and purpose.

  • Line Chart:

The line chart shows the trend line moving along the x-axis at the graph. The graph shows the time on the x-axis and price of that particular stock along the y-axis. The line moves according to the time and the investors can set their transaction time according to the trends. It is important for investors and brokers to read many things prior to setting the closing time and that particular stock to invest in like the market analysis, political analysis, demand and supply analysis, etc. The chart also shows prior trends of the stock for that day as well.



  • Tick Chart:

In this type of chart a line appears on the screen. You can see this chart on your broker’s computer screen and it shows trending of a particular stock or security for last few minutes. Now, depending on the situation, you can select the nearer time to close the transaction. Select your price of investment and then select the time for closing the transaction.

The screen shall be locked at your chosen time like 5 seconds, 10 seconds, etc. If the trend line is moving up then you need to select the closest time to lock the transaction. If you take big time, you may suffer loss. Brokers can help you out in the matter.

  • Candle Stick Chart:

The candle stick chart has good user interface with colored trend lines in candle shapes and black background makes the trending lines clearer. When the trend line moves up, it is in green color and the red line shows that the stock is losing its price. So, you have clear option whether to invest or you desire to take another opportunity to some other day when things are favorable. The chart also shows the currency of trade on the top left corner as well.

Investment Planning and Execution:

sixtysecondstrading2There are several binary brokers all across the internet which accepts the 60 second trading options. If you are starter in this business then it is best opportunity for you to take start at slow pace. However, the experienced investors may wait for several days to observe the market trends and security analysis. It is considered good not to do hurry in making these decisions. The blindly taken decisions may cause you huge losses and things may go unfavorable to you. Read this CTOption Review to gain more insight on 60 Seconds Binary trading.

The first thing you need to plan is to identify the most trustable binary broker.  Hire a stock broker and you can have meeting with him to discuss with him several things like how much savings you have to invest, your desirable securities to invest in and many other important things pertaining to the investment activities.

Hiring of brokers will help you in several manners. They are experienced and they work on commission. If you earn, they will earn as well. If you lose, they will lose as well. Therefore, they will guide you a lot in this matter and you will be able to earn profits under their guidance. They are well informed about the market trends.




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Difference between Long Term and Short Term Binary Trading

Binary option is referred to as finance trading. In this, wages or payoffs have only two possible outcomes, either some sort of peculiar amount or may be nothing. The two main types of binary options which are also known as fixed return options include Cash-or-nothing or the other one is Asset-or-nothing. For understanding more clearly, let us take an example.


Suppose ABC private limited is a company stock struck as? 1500/- with a binary payoff? 3000/-. The purchase is made of a cash-or-nothing binary option. Then, if at the time of expiry of the binary option, if the stock is trading above? 1500/- then? 3000/- is received, if the stock is trading below? 1500/- then nothing is received but if the stock is at the same level that is at? 1500/- then the money is returned to the purchaser.

Generally, the binary options are unregulated though they sometimes trade on a regulated exchange. As the trading is on the internet, they are prone to fraud.


There are two types of term options in binary option:

  1. Short-term binary option
  2. Long-term binary option

Short-term means the expiry time is too small that is as short as 30 seconds. As the short expiry time doesn’t allow for too many zigzag paths, the short-term binary option is considered a relatively easier type of option to trade.

In long lasting binary options, long-term usually means from a week to up to the end of the year. Therefore, long-term binary options involve predicting whether the market will rise or fall within a predefined time period.

The process of trading regarding above is as follows:

  • Select the asset and the expiry date.
  • Specify the investment amount of yours.
  • Predict the rise and fall of market.
  • Now is the turn for the pros and the cons regarding binary options?


lt1Quick payoff: to get your pay back quickly, it needs some potential. One can get up to 85% returns in short time period. Payoffs can be higher enough in actual. Most of the time, Broker offer one-touch options are offered along with 500% range of astronomical payoffs.

Simulism: The process of trading is very simple. Pick the asset of yours, expiration time and your position’s amount. The one thing needed is the selection of a value which is targeted by the Broker. There isn’t any other necessary decision.

Relaxation of execution: No untidy timeframes to comprise, investment decisions to think about, or the method of finding correlations. By setting up of different variables, check the betting of other traders.


High risk: the meaning of high payoffs is entirely related to high risks. The meaning of short timeframe is that there is very less chance to face the troubles. To reduce the risk when trading binary options read some of the reviews and strategies here.

 Foreign jurisdictions: the most of the brokers of binary options are from foreign exchange, they are very much familiar with the world of tax and for most of them a casino betting is referred to as an industry of local bent. The presence of uniqueness in various platforms and professionals back office are often times asked to perform the offers of binary options, the present brokers don’t actually need to perform much broker work.

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How to Make Good Money Using Binary Options

007A lot of money continues to be made in the various stock markets around the globe. Be the international markets like the NASDAQ, Dow Jones, Shanghai or other localized one. To be successful in these markets though you must be well versed with how different securities work. Also, being aware of information that will have an effect on a security will help you make a lot more money while losing less as well. One of the securities that do subscribe to this trend is Binary Options. But what exactly are they you ask.

What They Are

These securities give investors two options to choose stake your money on. This being on the outcome of the economic performance of a commodity, currency or even the performance on a stock index and whether its performance will have risen or declined in future. Should your choice be true, you make a healthy return on your investment. Otherwise the trade is counted as a loss. Among new traders and rookies in the securities market, these seem to be a preferred investment choice. This is due to a number of reasons including how easily one can understand the basics. Also, there is the promise of making tons of cash in a very short time. This is not always the case though. You should weigh your options carefully before making any trade.

The Real Scenario

Supernormal profits, especially overnight are not attainable. No matter your level of skill, you will win some trades others you will lose. After all if all was rosy and blissful, everyone should have been a binary trader by now. Plus where would the money for payment of all these profits come from? However, with a good enough strategy, you can make a tidy profit in not so ling a timeframe. This though is dependent on a few things:

Be Prepared

012As a beginner, learn all you can before you embark on this type of trading. Failure to do this will leave you open to exploitation by brokers. This because your decisions will not be thought through and in consequence a broker can thus influence you to make a decision that only benefits him/her. Adequate preparation as well as research will go a long way in helping you identify this and other pitfalls that new traders meet. In the same breadth, there exist a number of online binary trading demo accounts that one can use as part of learning. You can use one of these for your practice before you stake real money.

Come Up With a Trading Strategy

This will be a detailed plan of how and where you intend to participate in the binaries market. This helps you in giving concrete reasons whenever you are about to enter a trade (you should never do so without solid reasons by the way). Good reasons for a trade will answer the some questions, the probability of a win or lose, the best outcome possible as well. In essence, what this does is enable you make every trade count.

Common Mistakes Made by New Traders

These mistakes prove costly by minimizing the returns that were to be made. Since the motive is to make money, we must avoid things such as:

  • Emotions: These when influencing a trader in making his decisions can be detrimental. Normally, they will influence the size of the trade and how big it becomes. This can never be profitable as it trading requires a cool rational thinker.
  • Too bid a trade: losses are bound to happen, even to the best. Thus never put all your eggs in one basket. You just might lose it all. Also don’t swear off big trades just because you made one big loss. If you are sure of an opportunity, grab it.
  • Finally, learn from your mistakes. This will help avoid repeat mistakes.



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Binary option robot

How-to-Trade-Binary-Options (1)1


BO, or binary option robot, allows user to trade even when he is not online and actively trading. It has options which, when suitably configured, allow user to set the maximum amount of trades he wanted to fulfill on a daily basis, how much he is willing to risk in trading, and what level of maximum daily loss his contended with and which assets he wanted to trade.

Bo Robot provides traders with a new way to profit inside the binary marketplace. BO Robot takes concepts from the Forex market, and converts them into the world of binary options. Even when you are away from your PC, same as any other trading robot, this one handles trades for you without your interference. Sounds great right? In the world of binaries this is still a new occurrence, which BO Robot has already overcome.

download (1)How BO Robot works seems pretty simple at first. And yes, that is true. BO Robot will do all of hard work for you as soon as your account is created and your trades are programmed. It acts on your behalf after it uses a very advance algorithm to find the signals. By observing a current situations and evaluating them based on past market data, BO Robot identifies trading opportunities and then the best are completed for you.

You place your money through the BO Robot directly, and you can begin exchange as soon as this is complete. BO Robot recommends a starting payment of one thousand dollars but you can get started for far less.  This is completely based upon your financial situation and how much you are contented risking in the binary market, but you can begin with more money if you want. Minimum and maximum amount of deposits depend upon which broker you choose to go with.

Tips-for-Selecting-the-Right-Binary-Options-BrokerBO Robot allows individuals with no trouble that like to keep track of their trades, of course if that person wants to do it. All the trades done with BO Robot can be found in the Trade History portion of the broker that you are using. This is a great way for user of BO Robot to keep track of his progress and individually track the results that the robot is delivering for you and your bottom line.

With BO Robot you cannot use already existing Trading account at this time. Once you make an account at their official website which is binaryoptionrobot.com, you have been given a list of brokers that you can use and an account is ser up for you via the robot. Money you deposit through BO Robot is fee free, and then they take do the rest for you.

BO Robot does not require any sort of download even if you use it on your home PC and is compatible with any type of smartphone.

BO Robot is absolutely legal, and the brokers that it uses are all secure and greatly rated in the binary community as being decent and responsible.

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How to recognize a Binary Options trading scam



Trading Binary Options is an exciting new way of trade; it is extremely popular among some traders, and especially the new ones, mostly due to the fact that it can be highly profitable, and the fact that this type of a trade is easy to master. The other good thing about them is the fact that there is not much stress in this type of a trade, which is always a good thing for all people. But, there is one thing that all the potential traders need to know, and that is that this type of a trade can sometimes be too good to be true. There are a lot of Binary Options scams out there, and every potential trader needs to be pay attention to that. So, you, as a trader, you need to differentiate the Binary Options trading platforms that are good and profitable, from the ones that are trying to scam you. And now, we will try to explain to you how to differentiate them, and recognize a scam when you see it. Let’s begin.

bi11In order for you to know how to differentiate hones trading platforms from scams, you will need to know some things first. First of all, never trust those trading platforms that offer you wealth in no time, and that swear that they know how to fix everything quickly. It takes time for profit, as well as hard work, and without that, there is no profit out there. The other thing you need to know, in order to recognize a scam when you see it, is the fact that you should avoid all those trading platforms that do not agree on letting you take your money. Also, if they ask for your personal information, do not ever give it to them! They will use it to clean your bank accounts dry.

However, even though there are some scammers out there, there is no need to think that all of the trading platforms act that way. Some of them follow all the regulations and have all the necessary permits, and are quite honest with their work. These are the types of Binary Options trading platform that you should trade on. But how to know which ones are honest? Well, do some research on them. There are various websites out there that deal with this, and that have lists of trading platforms that follow all the rules.

Now that we know what we should pay attention to, we should be able to differentiate scamming trading platforms from the ones that do their work quite honestly and well. First, do some research on them, and then, even if they appear to be all right, if they ask something that does not appear to appropriate, sign out from those trading platforms, and you might even consider reporting them. That way, you will help in the fight against all the scammers, and you will get a scamming trading platform off the air, which will make more room for honest trading platforms.

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A Scam or Professional Broker – CherryTrade Review



Even though CherryTrade is still considered as a quite new brokerage, and it has been around since the end of 2013, they are gaining a reputation for being a trustworthy, reliable and user-friendly platform catering to experienced and novice traders alike. CherryTrade have been able to achieve so much in a small amount of time, and it is even able to overshadow some of the achievements made by other binary options brokers that have been around years longer than them.


CherryTrade was able to find a place in the industry with their astonishing educational center, which is capable to push them in front of other more knowledgeable brokers with CherryTrade’s team of highly trained and professional market analysts from a lot of different financial institutions around the world.  CherryTrade has become one of the most consistent binary options platforms in the industry today because of that and their many other amazing attributes.


cherry371x400With CherryTrade’s user-friendly and easy platform traders can feel comfortable not only with trading on a daily basis, but with taking full advantage of diverse options CherryTrade presently offers on their platform.

Ladder Options is one of CherryTrade’s latest additions which is a new way of trading binary options, which has five prearranged strike prices and with profits all the way up to one thousand and five hundred percent in as little as thirty minutes.  In order to place trades of up to a year, long term options are a exclusive way.  If you are an experienced or new trader that does not have lots of time to trade than sixty second trading is a very easy quick way in order to make substantial profits.


When it comes to producing a platform that is very easy and straight-forward CherryTrade is at the top of the class and that provides in detail knowledge not only on how to trade each option available on their platform but also on every one of their hundred different assets in 4 different financial markets. Even though CherryTrade platform is easy in its use, it is also provided to professional traders.


It prides itself on being capable to provide to the needs of professional and novice traders alike. CherryTrade’s first account begins with low two hundred dollars investment which gives traders admission to its huge educational video library, and also to an online trading e-book. There is the Professional account after this account which gives traders access to a dedicated financial broker in order to provide top tier signals, CherryTrade’s educational academy providing 1-on-1 training sessions using proven strategies to make the most of winning percentages and risk-free trades great for beginners. And for their corporate accounts CherryTrade offers tailored account.


CherryTrade offers a large variety of welcome bonuses on a trader’s primary deposit, including twenty percent on its basic account, fifty percent on its professional account and all the way to hundred percent bonuses on their VIP accounts.  Also, CherryTrade offers bonuses on its completely tailored corporate accounts.

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24Option signals


The 24Option’s signals system is an additional example of why  24Option is one of the best binary options solution for new traders. The sequence of trading information is generated by signals system. The system will create around 20 trading signals for commodities, currencies, indices or individual stocks. The signals system provides  you a quite decent idea of how trustworthy the signal is itself  and also provides you advice on what course the trade is likely to move on.

The signals are produced by Faunus algorithms that watch more than 200 live asset prices and pick the top assets for brokers to trade in. This algorithmic system uses the newest statistical analysis and data mining software in order to create trading signals that propose a great degree of reliability. The analysis software virtually generates all the leads, with only the small human contribution  as the data is regulated by computers.

24Option (1)The sporadic monitoring of the system by professionals to maximize the gain and precision of the trading system is where the human side of the signals software arrives into play.

The trading alert system wraps near 60 of the most smooth and highly traded assets, and as they get more fluidly, they have a better chance of turning a profit. The signal system at this time is available  in three types; fifteen minute, thirty minute and one-hour signals. Each of them will feature whether to enter a call (increase) or put (decrease) offer, as well as the asset  to trade, and a consistent expiry rate.

If the trader does not act on the signal inside the time frames specified above, the user should ignore the signal. This is very important. The significance of the signal might change fast once the key time window has expired so failure to trade the signals on instance might result in unprofitable results for the trader, as the signals, as said before, are mathematically originated and are very time sensitive as assets can be affected greatly by other variations in the markets.

The probability of the investment being beneficial for the trader is given by a color coded reliability. For novices who may not be capable of judging the possible risk of the trade based on the earlier asset performance this is very helpful.

Green reliability proposes that the investment would be very likely to gain a profit to the trader on the specified terms. A lower degree of signal consistency is indicated by yellow and red markers. They can still be a potentially profitable investment which the traders might consider although they would hence be an uncertain investment.

Since the trader can pick a limit option and even a high yield option, 24Option signals are a good choice for both starters and the veterans. The trader can get these signals on various types of platforms; like the mobile text message, voice message and e-mail. This is expected to help the trader in picking the best assets he could have possibly requested for.


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